Ruby’s Music Room

Ruby’s Music Room is a vibrant and exciting live jazz venue in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Situated on the corner of Little Lonsdale Street and Bennetts Lane, Ruby’s bright yellow entrance is tucked neatly in a secret alleyway – to find it, one must pass her eclectic windows filled with interesting Cubano dolls, Maoist & New Orleanian memorabilia; miniature pianos, jewellery, menus, cigar wrappers, and kitsch collectibles from around the world.

Focusing on the thriving live music scene in Melbourne, Ruby’s Music Room intends to thrill with live jazz, classical, and alternative performances in an intimate acoustic setting devoid of amps. Serving delicious food, fine wine and classic cocktails, Ruby’s is the premier live music venue in Melbourne!


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Music Network has facilities which include:

  • Excellent Teaching Rooms
  • Recital Room
  • Waiting Room
  • Accoustic Pianos
  • Online Computer Facilities
  • Rear Entrance


Ruby’s Steinway D Concert Grand is kept in peak concert condition by Piano Boutique (contact Gregory Machnaki, ph: 04872840158).



cubano dolls exhibition

Maria and Dolls

Cubano Dolls, comissioned by Ruby’s Music Room.

The dolls are dressed by Maria de los Angeles Izquierdo Pequeños (known by everyone only as Maria), a Cubano artist living in Abel Santamaria, Havana.

A master seamstress, a teacher, and a speech therapist, she works her craft with wonderful hands and extraordinary imagination, joining two cultures distant in space and time: the Yoruba, a religion of Cuba, and the African culture inherited from the Congo and the Mandingo.

The dolls represent a history of slavery black women were submitted to, the sorrows and sadness which have run a long way since the 19th century. With Maria’s natural grace and talent, each doll’s apparel is a work of arts and a message of peace from the hot and hospitable Cuban land.